The Openhouse Community at 55 Laguna
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender-Friendly Housing

55 Laguna, San Francisco’s first affordable, LGBT-welcoming housing, will open its doors to residents in Fall 2016. Openhouse is partnering with Mercy Housing to create a community at 55 Laguna where the lives, history, and relationships of LGBT residents and all residents are affirmed and celebrated. From our new on-site service center at 55 Laguna, Openhouse will provide support for San Francisco’s community of LGBT seniors, and will offer resources, services, and community building activities to help all residents live healthy and independent lives.

Applications for 55 Laguna have closed. The lottery for the building took place on July 7, 2016. For lottery results, please click here.

In order to find your number in this extensive document, please follow these instructions: Click the “Ctrl” button and the letter “F” button on the keyboard simultaneously and then type in your ticket number. Based on your application, your number may appear in one place or several. If you need assistance finding your number, please call Manuel Martinez at 415-347-8509. You will receive a letter in the next few weeks from Mercy Housing about where on the waiting list you might be placed, depending on these numbers.